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All Wheel Drive/Rear Differential
System (AWD)

If your model is equipped with a lockable differential, you can choose to operate with an open differential or a closed differential.

Engaging AWD

Press the top of the switch to engage All Wheel Drive (AWD). The 4X4 indicator illuminates in the rider information center to indicate that the vehicle is in AWD.
When the AWD switch is on, the front gearcase will automatically engage any time the rear wheels lose traction. When the rear wheels regain traction, the front gearcase will automatically disengage. There is no limit to the length of time the vehicle may remain in AWD.
Initially, the vehicle's electronic system will not enable the AWD until the engine RPM is below 3100. Once enabled, the AWD remains enabled until the AWD switch is turned off. If the switch is turned off while the front gearcase is moving, it will not disengage until the rear wheels regain traction.

  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Differential Lock
  • Differential Unlock

Engage the AWD before getting into conditions where front wheel drive may be needed. If the rear wheels are spinning, release the throttle before switching to AWD.
Switching to AWD while the rear wheels are spinning may cause severe drive shaft and clutch damage. Always switch to AWD while the rear wheels have traction or are at rest.

Disengaging AWD

Move the AWD switch to the center or bottom position to disengage AWD. If the switch is turned off while the front hubs are driving, they will not release until the rear wheels regain traction.
In some situations, the front gearcase may remain locked after turning the AWD switch off. If this occurs, you may notice increased steering effort and some vehicle speed restriction. Perform the following procedure to unlock the front gearcase.
To disengage AWD, do the following:
  1. Stop the vehicle.
  2. Operate in reverse for at least 10 feet (3 m).
  3. Stop completely.
  4. Shift into low gear and drive forward.
  5. If the front gearcase remains locked after following these instructions, see your dealer or other qualified service person for service.

Locking the Differential

Move the rocker switch to the center position to lock the differential and operate in two wheel drive (2WD). Locking the differential in slippery or low traction conditions helps improve traction. When the rear differential is locked, both rear wheels rotate at the same speed.

Unlocking the Differential (TURF Mode)

When operating in TURF mode, the inside rear wheel will rotate independently from the outside wheel during turns. Operate in TURF mode only as needed to protect smooth, level surfaces from tire damage. DO NOT operate in TURF mode when climbing or descending hills, when sidehilling, or when operating on uneven, loose, or slippery terrain such as sand, gravel, ice, snow, obstacles, and water crossings. Always operate in AWD on these types of terrain.
Operating in TURF mode (if equipped) when on sloped, uneven, or loose terrain could cause loss of control and result in serious injury or death. One rear wheel may slip and lose traction or may lift up and grab when it touches the ground again.
Press the bottom of the switch to unlock the differential and allow the rear drive wheels to operate independently (1WD). When the rear differential is unlocked, the rear wheels can rotate at different speeds. Unlock the differential to make maneuvering easier and minimize damage to turf.
Damage to the differential can occur if it is engaged while the vehicle is traveling at high speeds or while the rear wheels are spinning. Slow the vehicle to nearly stopped before engaging the differential.
Never operate in TURF mode (if equipped) while operating on a hill or other irregular terrain. Always move the AWD switch to AWD before ascending or descending a hill.

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